Sometimes it's hard to think of a hackathon idea. Our team was pacing the campus back and forth, getting lost and finding each other again. We kept getting split up and then hunting for each other. There had to be an easier way to help up find one another.

What it does

One thing: Shows the real time location of your friends. That's it. You go to the site, make a new "room" and send a short link to your friends. A map indicating where you and your friends are. Its that simple, now you can easily find each other. No apps, no downloads.

Challenges we ran into

Everything was pretty challenging. Starting from deciding what kind of database structure to use to how to implement the map API. We found one of the most challenging things was to make the application update the database in real time for multiple users.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

That it (kind of) works! The database seems to be working properly with multiple users, but the tricky part is to make the map display everything correctly.

What we learned

A lot of web dev, databases, mapping API’s, javascript. We pretty much learned everything needed for the project on the fly! Great experience.

What's next for Squad?

We want to make the map display actually work, and not be as glitchy. We would also like to work on the look and feel of the experience and polish it as much as possible.

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