In our friend group, several people habitually show up late to social events. Many members of the group, (or squad) became fed up with this, and decided something needed to change.

What it does

From there, we had the idea of an app that sets locations for your Squad's events and tracks Squad members as they move (or fail to move) to the chosen destination. As the user, you have the option to be a part of many different Squads, create events, and accept invitations other Squad members have sent.

How we built it

To build the demo of our app, we created a series of webpages that simulate the Squad Up experience. To create these webpages, we used HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, and Google Maps.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we encountered was using languages like HTML and CSS, which are very new to most of our team. However, the largest challenge we ran into was implementing the Google Maps API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud of the effectiveness of our demo. Although Squad Up lacks back-end development, the simulation we created conveys the purpose and ideas of Squad-Up rather effectively.

What we learned

Coming in, most of our team knew Java and nothing more. But after this weekend, we were able to create web pages with complex features using languages we had very little experience with. Beyond that, we learned how taxing, yet rewarding a large-scale project such as this can be.

What's next for Squad up

In the coming months, our team hopes to bring Squad-Up into full form with all of its intended functionality. Perhaps our friends will finally learn how to be on time.

P.S. The project is a group of html pages and photos. It may not run properly in the zip folder so please unzip the folder and it should run just fine because it ran fine locally for me.

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