What does it do?

SquadUp offers an innovative and expansive feature set to help bring the crew together. Plan meetups and hangouts with unparalleled efficiency using SquadUp's powerful fam management toolset.

Why was this made?

Throughout the history of social gatherings, squads and fams alike have used inefficient methods such as bulk emails or groups or even Facebook group chats to manage the organization of events. Never again will a SquadUp user find themselves asking "where my boys at?" - for SquadUp offers a live preview of locations of each and every member of the meetup. Big brother? No! Big family! Take that, flaky friends!

The Dirty Details

SquadUp's feature set is wide, but it's essence can be distilled down to doing a few things, and doing them well. First, SquadUp offers an administrative front. Group leaders can create events and give the group's code to each member however they please. Those invited members can then either confirm or deny their participation in a meetup, which group leaders can see. Past that, however, SquadUp seeks to organize. SquadUp cleans up group chats, helping group members not in the chat at the time of organization still be filled in on the plan. No more will a group's love of memes hold back actual social interaction. Finally, SquadUp is designed to be globally accessible. Its mobile-optimized HTML5 website enables any user with a web browser to engage in squads.

The Dirtier Details

This project began its life as an Android app which would use NFC to create a sort of virtual-reality game which would reward users who could tap their phones to the squad leader's the quickest. However, due to a mixture of structural difficulties with the Android platform and paradigm shifts, the team realized the potential that such an organized group management tool had to revolutionize the social world, and set out to transform SquadUp into the tool it is now. Under the hood, SquadUp works on a Node.js server. Socket.io handles real-time inbound and outbound communications. jQuery and Bootstrap are used to display content-rich webpages. Finally, Google's Maps and Location Service APIs are used to provide constantly-updating location data for all squad members.

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