Have you ever felt unsafe walking home alone at night? As girls moving to a new city (aka San Francisco) for our internships, we learned that every neighborhood isn't as safe as home. With no local support, we felt alone. And so we decided to create one.

What it does

The web app lets you share your location info and connect to either the nearest police station or a local "buddy" who can be on call with you to make you feel safer and keep you company.

How we built it

We created a local web app using Flask in Python. When you go on the web-app, it reads your location and presents you with two options. Calling a local buddy works with the Twilio API which routes you to a live caller. We also use the Here API to get the closest police station's location and phone number and transfers the call to discuss your emergency.

Challenges we ran into

The geocoordinate information being returned by javascript followed a really strange nested format for the dictionary which wasn't well documented and took us a while to debug.

We also had issues passing location data to different functions as we are first time users of Javascript. As such, understanding the asynchronous structure of the function calls took us while to work through.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got two APIs working with our web-app and were successfully able to route all the data internally.

What we learned

We learned plenty of new Javascript techniques and two new APIs

What's next for Squad

We also wished to implement a third aspect into our web-app, one that would automatically call an uber for you. Uber's API wasn't too complicated and did allow for it, but required a business account which made it unfeasible to achieve for today. We would also want to make this a better experience for mobile users and perhaps add a feature that lets us control the functions of the app using the mobile's hardware, i.e, with the press of a button

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