We wanted to cure loneliness through sports. It's easy to feel disconnected at a large school and we wanted to find a way to connect people. It is also a well known fact that Freshmen tend to gain a significant amount of weight during their first quarter. We decided to solve both problems, making it easy to find people you connect with while helping you stay in shape.

What it does

Users can find people around them to play sports and do activities with.

How I built it

We used swift for the iOS development and Microsoft Azure for the back end.

Challenges I ran into

Learning to make the app was a challenge since this was our first time developing for iOS. We ran into some problems with github since we weren't sure what to .gitignore at first.

What I learned

We learnt basic mobile development in iOS and how to use Azure as a mobile back end.

What's next for Squad

We plan to redo the app when we get more iOS experience

Built With

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