Passion for video games and problem solving for big data!

What it does

Our application allows user to analyse a players’ actions within the video game Squad, with main focuses on individual performance. SDM looks at deaths, hits and an overall heat map of deaths for the match, given a match ID.

How we built it

Using React on front-end of the web app and a powerful combination of R & Python for data mining & wrangling. Mockups done in Illustrator. Hosted on Github.

Challenges we ran into

  • Some data provided was incompleted and highly scattered across different tables in the database, which took a bulk of the time to understand.

  • Getting a full dataset for users which included map data, session data, as well as player coordinates involved multiple joins and complicated post-download wrangling.

  • Displaying multiple overlayed markers on the map of the application

    Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having assembled the team squad with 16 hours left to go, managing to build a prototype in 12 hours and being able to produce a minimal viable product.

Shoutout to the devs for helping us out! You guys rock!

What we learned

Being able to work dynamically with people who we’ve never met and being able to play to their strengths

What's next for Squad Demo Manager

  • Adding more analytics to the demo manager, such as explosives and throwables or damage taken to indicate popular spots for assault
  • Have multiple matches open to analyse at the same time
  • Implementing writing supplements in order to allow the user/coach to write down notes/new paths taken

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