As a JIRA Administrator, we often encounter issues which cannot be resolved with the use of JQL.

There's a spectrum of issues which requires us to use SQL to mine data from JIRA database.

Reporting and Charting

  1. JIRA utilisation and issue created for every projects and product
  2. Day to day Project usage

Attachment and File and Storage Management

  1. Space used by attachment for each project
  2. Locating of attachment in server

User Management

  1. User login statistic
  2. Identifying user that are not logged in and taking up license count

Maintenance and Health Check

  1. Checking database for re-indexing issue errors
  2. Identifying broken dependency in database level

What it does

SQL Reporter allows you to runs SQL command for data mining for statistic and report generation. It also allows user to view, display, download them for sharing. SQL Reporter also controls who are authorised to execute and view certain SQL files.

It allows tagging of SQL for easy grouping and categorize when finding the right SQL to execute.

What's next for SQL Reporter for JIRA

  1. Configure to use multiple datasource
  2. Other awesome chart like Pie, Bar, Stacked, Line, Area Charting
  3. Shipped with commonly used SQL Report

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