During a Cybersecurity class we learned what SQL was an what it is used for. We came home and looked at our bookselves and saw that we didn't have the bookselves ordered in a way that it was easy to access information from. We then decided that it would be cool to write and make an SQL database that could store and organize the information.

The database allows us to filter through the a great number of information that can be obtained by looking at a book, like author, name, and the number of books in a series, in a timely manner by adding book information in the database which allows us to select what we are looking and the program with output what we asked it to.

We used SQL in CodeHS's Sandbox to create a database and included all of the information on all of the books on our bookselves.

We ran into many challenges with the first one being the simple fact that we did not know how to program in SQL and had a very small understanding of how databases worked. We also had to spend a great dael of time going through books on a bookself and spend many many hours typing it down into the database.

We are very proud of creating a program that is able to be used and help us in the real world unlike most of the things we make that we can never use except to get a good grade on an assignment. It is also very satisfying to be able to now program in a different laguage and access databases.

We have learned how databases work and run and how it stores information along with how to program in SQL.

With the way the program is set up, it would not be hard to expand it to other bookselves to include more information. It is also now possible to create a website or something that uses the information that has already been collected and entered into the database to help a person find out what books are on the book selves like they would if they were at a library's online site.

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