Explain your inspiration behind your project?

The inspiration behind our project comes from the struggles we thought we might face once virtual school ends and how the benefits of virtual school will affect people moving to in-person school. To fix this issue we want to help and make the transition as smooth as possible which is why we created an app called SquareOne.

What does your project do?

Our project mainly focuses on students who got really used to may have the benefits that the virtual classes give them. Our app contains an overall view of what the face-to-face school day will look like. First, our app shows real-time updates of the lunch menu that is provided by the school and it also shows what is special for the day. Next, our project has a built-in class schedule with room numbers and teacher names so it is easier to navigate through the school. We have also added scheduling a meeting with the teacher for multiple uses such as getting help for a particular class or finishing up any makeup work. Finally, our app includes a planner that also has a tasks feature where are you can create a task with an optional due date and add an alert for setting that as the top priority.

How did you create your project?

Our app was mainly created using SwiftUI and Swift storyboard. This is because my colleague, Atharva Gupta, is more experienced with the swift storyboard but I, Charan Vengatesh, am more experienced with SwiftUI. For the backend, we used Firebase to manage the authentication system which allows the users to log in and sign out. We also used Firestore as a cloud database to store the tasks, schedules, meetings, as well as lunch menu. Integrating Firebase into swift was challenging for us because this was the first time we used the backend database.

What is the effect your project will have on students returning to in-person school?

One key effect we believe our project to have on students returning to in-person school is that it makes navigating through school much easier and receiving the lunch menu even before school starts which is a nice way to smoothly transition to in-person school. With the help of the class schedule right on the home screen, it is super easy to view the classroom number and the teacher's name. One main thing that we have noticed is that many of the students in virtual school fail to be productive and focus on their work. To fix this issue, the planner feature would keep the students on task.

What are some challenges you encountered, and how did you overcome them?

Some of the challenges that we encountered were finding a bridge that connects my experience with SwiftUI and my colleague's experience with Swift storyboard. We tried multiple ways to combine those two and finally we found a converter that converts Swift storyboard code to SwiftUI code. Another big challenge we faced was finding what tools and features could help students transition from virtual to in-person school. We fixed this issue by understanding what kind of things benefited us virtual compared to in-person and we listed them out.

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