Every entrepreneur shares the same story. Struck by lightening in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, they lurch forward clutching at their flaky notepad. With a sweaty palm, they swipe at their sharpie and begin writing the makings of another unconscious inspiration.

And the next day, the journey begins again. "What was I thinking?", they cry, as hours of research later they realize their folly. The idea has little traction, poor market sentiment, strong and established competition, 'realities' with hardware. But maybe, just maybe... there's room for a little brand strategy?

As our economy moves from a focus on compelling problem solving to one of experiential and emotional consumption - brand gaps and understanding the emotional composure of a target market is key.

Inspired at a recent workshop on IBM Bluemix, this project leverages the ability of Watson to perform tone analysis - NOT sentiment analysis. This is quite different. Where sentiment tries to leverage a simple grade of positivity or negativity, tone analysis classifies the likely emotions exhibited by the writer.

It gives us a deeper, broader spectrum of knowledge about their emotional state and needs - giving the user unique insights. It's these insights that we apply to your keywords.

Give us a few keywords about your idea, such as 'cotton cupholders' or 'cactus cabbage' and we'll show you who's already in the market and what kind of relationship they have with their customers.

Too easy.

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