SpyGame is an immersive spy experience allowing the user to compete against rival spies attempting to take you down.

When two spies are in the same room (determined by bluetooth 4.0 connectivity), spies compete to be the first to locate and eliminate the other spy without revealing themselves.

Hints are offered to spies about their target, but using more hints means gaining fewer points for the kill.

Through use of the Pebble, spying can be discrete and more effective. The spy can view their hints on both the Pebble and their iPhone. Data is synchronized through use of the Firebase API allowing any database updates to propagate to all devices immediately.

We decided to use Firebase in this manner because this type of synchronization allows for the ability to add to a spy's arsenal at any time, once more wearable devices are available, thus creating scalability.

This app allows users to interact with each other in an entertaining and innovative manner. It connects two different people in an exciting fashion without the need for formal introductions.

Technologies used: -iOS application -Pebble, Pebble-js applications -Firebase API (for data syncronization)

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