Apparently, fully homomorphic encryption is impractical? Until now...

What it does

Performs arbitrary computations and circuits on encrypted data via Fully Homomorphic Encryption. This allows for private computations on the blockchain via homomorphic smart contracts.

How we built it

We're building on top of NuCypher's fully homomorphic encryption library called NuFHE. This performs the computations on the GPU for speed and performance, then commits a merkle root of the entire computation for proof of logic flow to the blockchain via Vyper smart contract.

Challenges we ran into

Proving correct circuit validation is an open problem for us. We require a specific zero knowledge proof that needs some research before implementation is ready. Soon...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created our own language and we're going to execute the first fully homomorphic smart contract.

What we learned

Building a language is hard.

What's next for Sputnik

Launch it into orbit...

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