Giving to charities is one of the most beneficial things people in today’s society can do. It unites us as a whole, providing invaluable help to the less fortunate among us. However, giving to charities can be difficult and expensive. Spurtaneous is the answer.

Spurtaneous is a crowdfunded charity application that allows users to make a difference in the world without breaking their wallets through overcommitment. With Spurtaneous, donators can make one time donations as little as 1 cent with the click of a button. Using this streamlined experience, it is now possible for donators to distribute a small donation across all the charities they care about.

Spurtaneous gives donators control over where their donations are going and how much they’re giving. Using customizable filters, donators can look for and be presented with only the charitable causes they’re interested in and care about. With a user-defined donation method, donators can be sure they are never donating more than they’re comfortable with per charitable cause.

The vision of Spurtaneous is to be the platform that allows our society to become a philanthropist society with everyone involved. By making charity donation a fun, rewarding, and stress-free experience, we hope to achieve that dream.

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