One of our group members is a passionate musician. He knows the music industry, and he knows how broken it is. Our goal was to use blockchain technology to help musicians. We thoroughly discussed copyright laws and felt blockchain technology offers the perfect solution to help songwriters protect their intellectual property.

What it does

Lyrify gives song writers the option to permanently store their lyrics in the Ethereum blockchain, providing proof of ownership and peace of mind. By storing in the blockchain, the song lyrics are undeniably timestamped which would provide a means to prove ownership in a court of law.

How we built it

We built Lyrify with passion, with songwriters and content creators in mind. We implemented our vision of Lyrify by leveraging Solidity, Web3.js, Truffle, and OpenZeppelin.

Challenges we ran into

Our group members come from a variety of backgrounds, including journalism, finance, music, and software development. We've all been intrigued with blockchain technology since Bitcoin emerged in 2009, but we never explored this fascinating technology up until a month ago. The largest - and most fun - challenge we had during this project was learning about this revolutionary technology in a short time span to help solve a very real problem in the music industry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to quickly and efficiently learn blockchain technologies and offer a working prototype of a possible solution that will help artists in the future. We're also particularly proud of our two junior coders. Despite having the least amount of experience these two green developers contributed the largest parts of our codebase. They showed incredible levels of self-motivation and were able to produce high quality, reliable code. They really embodied what hackathons are all about: making coding approachable to everyone.

What we learned

We learned new technologies, including Solidity, Web3.js, Truffle, and OpenZeppelin, but more importantly, we learned about the amazing potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize a wide range of industries, especially the music industry. We plan to continue working on Lyrify to help songwriters, but we're also excited to use our newfound knowledge about the Ethereum blockchain to solve other problems.

What's next for spuds

Our Seattle-based Spudly team is eagerly looking forward to working on more hackathons together; leveraging blockchain technology, Internet of Things, and Microsoft Azure to solve some exciting, new problems.

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