So we really love potatoes. And then we saw this: ! Spudtacular

And we immediately gravi TATER ed to that.

What it does

It tells you how many potatoes it cost to buy a certain item on ebay.

Also, if you manage to find the developers in real life, you might be able to ask them how many potatoes some random object that you own costs!

How we built it

With lots of passion and googling. And 9 hours at 4 supermarkets doing market research about what the average spud looks like.

Challenges we ran into

So it turns out that South Korea's potato prices is really expensive:

We decided to use China's potato prices instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We love potatoes even more now. :)

What we learned

How to develop a chrome extension

How to reconcile our love for potatoes with technology

What the use of a potato API is.

The average weight of a potato is 0.61lbs.

What's next for Spud Cannon

Spudchain Integration.

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