Kinetic graph exploration with Spry

The problem

With the arrival of big data and complex relationship graphs, visualisation and navigation using the keyboard and the mouse is steadily becoming more difficult. Not to mention, complex data on its own is not enough when it can't be used effectively. It is crucial to retain the efficiency of exploring and finding the relevant information quickly and easily.

Introducing Spry

Spry adds the third dimension to graph exploration. This enables effective communication of complex relationships via simple gestures and provides a faster, more intuitive and dynamic way to navigate and present complex data.

Use cases

  • lectures
  • meetings
  • conferences
  • museums
  • home use
  • schools


  • seamlessly load graph data from JSON and XML files
  • publishing graphs to JSON and XML files as well as PDF and cloud backup
  • real-time collaboration when creating and editing graphs

  • comprehensive set of motion actions:

    • pan - move hand
    • zoom - spread/close fingers
    • collapse - swipe left (two fingers)
    • expand - swipe right (two fingers)
    • isolate - double key tap
    • stick/unstick - screen tap (one finger)
    • create - long tap screen in empty space (1.5 sec, one finger)
    • select - clockwise circle
    • deselect - anticlockwise circle
    • update - long tap screen on node (1.5 sec, one finger)
    • move (selection) - move hand (two fingers)
    • remove (selection) - move hand down

Built With

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