our inspiration came from...

What it does

SproutLaunch tells you good deeds and random acts of kindness that people are doing all over the world. Be inspired by generous and kind-hearted people while hearing good deed ideas as you listen! Start by saying, "Alexa, launch Sprouts of Kindness!"

Every 5 good deeds you hear gives you another entry into the kindness raffle. Each month a winner is picked to receive money to donate to a charity of their choice or to pay forward to a friend in need.

How I built it

We originally built out Alexa and Google assistants separately. For this challenge we merged the assistants to a single code base using the jovo framework. This allows for a consistent customer-experience across voice assistants.

Challenges I ran into

Account Linking on both assistants was challenging. Luckily Jovo has some API's we could use to make the account linking process work to our liking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Sprouts Test

CanFulfillIntentRequest (beta)

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