We wanted to increase upward economic mobility and liquidity among those in lower socioeconomic brackets. Making this project was important to all of us because it would have an important impact on many of our communities. None of us had financial literacy as young adults, and had to learn all of the investment techniques for ourselves. If people were able to have access to tech like ours, they could begin learning how to save, invest, and climb the socioeconomic ladder for themselves.

What it does

A personal finance tool that gives valued financial education for future active/passive investor starting with the understanding of fixed-income securities and an indirect cash flow statement. It also serves as disrupts the robo-advisor and wealth fund management industry.

How we built it

We utilized the Capital One API to build our account profile and retrieved mid-range fixed securities and compiled it onto html.

Challenges we ran into

Client side js and trying to make the program easy to understand. Learning three different languages and the complexities of front-end development on the fly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not abandoning the project after many hours and many difficulties, and working together well despite being strangers. We learned from each other both in coding as well as finance.

What we learned

Putting everything on the front-end may not be the best approach, sometimes putting things on the back-end would optimize project development and flow.

What's next for Sprout

Moving forward with micro-finance education and promoting the site within high school education. Upon daily active user reaching a quota we anticipate releasing Discounted Cash Flow models to help individuals select equity securities and eventually allowing them to conduct algorithmic trading.

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