Many places are teaching abstinence-only sex education and silencing LGBT voices, both of which severely impair physical and mental health.

What it does

Sprout replaces the classroom as a source of sex education, and provides access to comprehensive sex education to those who might not receive any. The curriculum is aligned to the National Sex Education Standard (2nd edition), which breaks the education down into age-appropriate standards for a range categories including consent & healthy relationships, sexual health, gender identity, and anatomy, among others.

Sprout teaches through a mix of exercise types including:

  • interactive animations for activities such as using a condom
  • practice for difficult conversations such as discussing consent and saying no
  • multiple choice and free response questions for conceptual knowledge

Sprout preserves user's privacy by storing everything locally — nothing is transmitted to a server or shared with a third party. Learning is a personal moment, and should not be shared.

How we built it

The proof of concept is built in React and TypeScript using IndexDB to persist state across sessions.

Challenges we ran into

Animating SVGs and DOM elements in an interactive manner in React is difficult, especially when taking mobile browsers and touch-first interfaces into consideration.

What's next for Sprout

Counselor hotlines, question and answer bots, and birth control and menstruation trackers are all features that could be easily incorporated into the app to increase access to necessary health resources.

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