Sustainability and climate change are major concerns. It is important to learn about our responsibility for the environment and to learn what we can each do as individuals early on such that we can take part in the fight for a healthier world. Along with climate change, sustainable investing is becoming a more frequently used term, but can be challenging to understand. We thought it would be beneficial to provide resources to help teach early on about sustainable investing so that everyone is prepared for and understands the benefits of sustainable investing towards a better future.

What it does

Sprout targets users aged 10-15 to educate them on what sustainable investing is, why it is important, and how you can invest sustainably. Keeping the language simple, Sprout explains details around sustainable companies and provides simple statistics around climate change in fun ways.

Sprout also continually educates users on sustainable and financial vocabulary with a word of the day. Furthermore, it showcases a sustainable company each day with information on what the company does.

How I built it

Sprout was build as a fully functional wireframe and prototype using the Adobe XD Platform.

Challenges I ran into

In building Sprout we were challenged in describing complex financial terms using simple language that could be understood by the target user group. Many financial resources are aimed at an audience who is older and has a greater understanding of finances and investments, so simplifying this terminology in a way that our target users could understand took a lot of trial and error. As well, we originally applied to SheHacks hoping to compete with friends in a team of 4. However, it ended up that only two of us were able to attend. Due to this small group size, we were challenged with the tight time frame. In order to overcome this challenge, we were not able to create a coded prototype, but rather focused our time on putting together a fully functional wireframe prototype that showcased our idea effectively.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One of our first accomplishments that we are proud of was the design of the page. In focusing on designing for our target user group of those aged 10-15, we focused on using a lot of colours and imagery, but were glad to find a balance that kept the page simple and uncluttered. As well, we were proud of our ability to simplify complex financial terms and information to a level that would be easily understood by our target audience. A part of this involved representing statistics visually with the hopes that this would further engage our users.

What I learned

Before creating Sprout, we had heard the term sustainable investing, but were not certain that we fully understood its meaning. As such, we spent a lot of time learning about sustainable investing and sustainable companies. As well, we were able to improve our skills using Adobe XD as a wireframing and prototyping platform by testing out new features that we had previously never used.

What's next for Sprout

Our next step for Sprout would be to create a coded prototype that further showcases and represents our idea in a more interactive way. We hope to build it out using React Native and release it for people to start using.

Built With

  • adobexd
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