We wanted to create an immersive physical and digital game experience. The Sprout SDK was only offered in C#/C++ but we wanted to iterate fast during the hackathon session. We hacked together a relay application that allowed us to quickly develop an immersive Chrome App-based experience while still having access to the Sprout SDK hooks for data capture and interaction.

How it works

  • Support for up to three players
  • Touch and drag of player cards with proximity awareness.
  • Dice roll with detection of object segmentation and value adjustments.
  • Thematic audio and visual rumble action for monster show down! Roar!
  • Usage of IDOLOnDemand API to rebrand the experience using the image capture.

Challenges I ran into

More to come...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

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What I learned

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What's next for Sprout Board Game

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Built With

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