The team discovered that education about environmental issue is very important and helpful towards raising awareness among people, so the team decided to build this mobile app to make learning more accessible.

What it does

Sprout is an educational app for educating the users with knowledge about endangered animals and climate change, as well as guidance on how to prevent climate change for individual, schools, and businesses. This can help making the education information more accessible globally.

How we built it

The mobile app is build using React Native. It also consist of JavaScript programming and the use of JSON file. The images are copyright free images taken from website. Information about climate change supplied in the app were studied from reliable sources like United Nations.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of time to develop the project and lack of reliable essential education information to have it in the app are challenges the team had ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although there is still room for improvement for the mobile app, the team is still proud of find out and knowing what type of information should be tell to the world through the app. Another thing the team are proud of is being able to provide some guidance for schools, business, and individual on fighting climate change.

What we learned

The team recently learnt that certain wild animals parts like pangolin's scales are used for making traditional medicine that has no proven medical value. It is very ridiculous for people to make medicine using endangered animals without proper medical prove. Another knowledge gained is the team learned that Indonesia capital city, Jakarta, is sinking are caused by climate change too. The climate change causes sea level to increase day by day and result in affecting land to sink.

What's next for Sprout

The mobile app Sprout is scalable, if the app is published on mobile app stores, the team can cooperate with government agency or non-government organisation to continue raise more awareness about climate change or wildlife issues. The app may also help trustworthy organisation to raise funds for helping needy people and wildlife. New guidance or educational information can still be added into the app in the future.

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