Excited about Spritzing? So are we.

We wanted a unique mobile experience that really allowed you to use Spritz technology to its' fullest potential. After looking at websites that were heavily text based while containing massive amounts of information, we decided that Wikipedia, with its high traffic and endless supply of information about anything, would be the best candidate. Now you can browse Wikipedia and Spritz any section with just a tap.

After successfully building the iOS app and realizing the true potential of Spritz, we became unsatisfied. Why can't we use Spritz everywhere? We should be able to Spritz the entire World Wide Web. So we built a chrome extension so you can highlight any section of text anywhere on the web, right click, and Spritz to your heart's content.

We then got curious about what kind of Spritzing was going on, from where online, and from where in the world. So we also built an analytics website at http://spritz-inc.herokuapp.com

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