What is Sprites?

Sprites is a new and revolutionary way of delivering and consuming summarized content using Spritz technology.

Sprites is going to give you streams of the most relevant updates for you (sprites) in only one minute.

How it works?

Sprites combines content summarizing technology and also relies on external sources through the use of API’s like Bloomberg, Yahoo news, weather, events around you, etc. It also detects what the most relevant emails are, based on how fast you usually respond to the people who are sending you stuff.

It will then merge all these relevant content into a 1 minute sprite, that you can read when you’re waiting for the bus, you’re waiting for a friend to open the door, when you go to work in the subway, etc

After that, the app will let you choose the categories in the sprite where you found relevant content and will let you access it in detail .

The app includes an email client which lets you access your email as usual, but also allows users to hold their finger on an email to see a speed reading version of it using spritz technology. The email client also shows how long each email will take to speed read.

::: EMAIL:::

3 most important emails: based on how fast you responded to previous emails from the same person

::: NEWS :::

3 most relevant news based on localization and interests

::: EVENTS :::

3 most relevant events

::: TWEETS :::

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