Sprite Fight!


This game was inspired by a card game that we came up with in high school. It was a relatively simple game, where you had a team of monsters with HP, ATK, and special abilities. We’d take turns attacking in battle until someone lost all his/her monsters. What made this game so enjoyable was our level of customization; for our game, every person got to make his/her own cards. Much of the fun stemmed from seeing what others created and how they interacted with your own cards. We wanted to simulate this with a virtual card game in Java where the players could have almost full control of their cards.

What it Does

While our game does not allow for players to create their own cards, we do offer them a great deal of control over their team. The game opens on a rules screen, where the player reads the rules and then presses the PLAY button while listening to original SpriteFight! music. At this point, a new window opens with a large selection of monsters and cards for the user to pick from for his/her team, and the music shifts to an original battle theme. After selecting a card, the player can set the card’s HP and ATK (with total ATK/HP limits for the team). After both players have selected their teams, the window goes to a battle screen. The battle screen displays both players’ teams on either side with a label in the middle to show the events. Players take turns selecting a monster of theirs for battle, and then using it to attack a monster on the opponent’s field. This continues until finally, a victor has emerges, and a victory window opens with grand victory music.

How We Built it

We used Java in Eclipse and divided up the work to build it. Adit made the frame GUI components and composed/implemented the music. Christian further developed the GUI for gameplay as well much of the backend logic for game functionality. Tim helped with backend logic and implemented character abilities and battle sequences. Rama assisted with the backend logic and assisted with integration of the characters.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered many challenges, mainly due to the fact that none of us were true experts on Java Swing. We did our best to overcome these issues, and it worked out for the most part. We also had issues with fringe cases and getting the battle sequence to function properly. We had to make sure the HP of characters was being regulated and that the correct victor was pronounced. We also had many issues using git and with the internet, as half the time one of our team members couldn’t be connected to the internet, meanwhile Git didn’t work after a while for another member and we ended up emailing our code to the main member who’s Git still worked.

Accomplishments that We're Proud Of

We are very proud of how we organized and used Git and the product we came up with. Overall it is a simple, but very fun and unique game that we think people will enjoy.

What We Learned

We learned many new Java skills including Swing and developed thorough critical thinking skills for game design. We also learned how to use Git, which assisted in our coordination of code.

What's next for 'Sprite Fight!'

What’s next for our game? We still have some bugs to work out, and later on we hope to implement the game in Javascript to allow for a better GUI and an online playing component.

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