A lot of children (people) find staying engaged at museums difficult, which can lead to a negative association with art and with the museum experience. Just because one person prefers a shorter museum experience than their companion does not mean that they should suffer to appease their partner, or that both should leave early. Sprite at the Museum provides a fun way to stay engaged with art at museums after one might otherwise start to feel 'burned out' with the experience.

What it does

SatM uses edge-finding algorithms in C#, and the Vuforia AR package for Unity to intelligently place Waldo in paintings, and lets the user find Waldo as many times as possible in 30 second lightning rounds. The user gets one point for every time they find Waldo, and the option to post their achievement to Twitter (hoped for FB but API troubles prevented this implementation in time for the Hackathon).

How we built it

We built the App using the Vuforia package in Unity, C#, and uploaded it to Android.

Challenges we ran into

Uploading the app to an Android phone was a really tricky process. Android and Unity are both pretty finicky and required some extremely diligent troubleshooting to get up and running. Additionally, filenames and references break when porting from the computer testing environment to testing on a phone, so troubleshooting that aspect of Android/Unity was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The professional look of the GUI and display were a big point of focus for us, as well as the implementation of the edge finding algorithm that places Waldo in such a way that he is much less likely to be placed in the middle of a person or object in the painting that wouldn't make sense.

What we learned

Learned how to make a clean Vuforia app with a consistent color palette and navigation, as well as the C# implementation, and Android integration.

What's next for Sprite at the Museum

If we had the app draw from a large database of art Waldo could be populated into any painting, and could say fun facts about the paintings that he appeared in at the end of each game.

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