We've had a hard time getting management and others to use Jira as our primary TO-DO list software.

We've got a handful Google Sheets that are shared with the appropriate people who need to know some summary information about the projects we're working on.

We worked with the Google Sheets to the point that they KIND OF look like our Jira sprint board, but more condensed.

The problem is a human has to do the condensing. A human has to update the Google Sheets. Maybe we can make the job a bit easier on the human.

What it does

JiraSummary allows you to connect Jira issues to cells on a Google Sheet. The summary of Jira issues are formatted in the way that our outside departments want to see them.

How I built it

The plugin started with the Atlassian-Connect-Express source as it's base. Next was a proof of concept that the needed meta-data on could get stored on Jira issues. Then was a proof of concept that the Jira plugin could read & send data to the Google Sheets API. After that, all the ground work was laid out and from there it's all custom code to get & summarize Jira issues.

Challenges I ran into

It was very challenging to get started with the all the new APIs. It felt like an insurmountable learning curve when collecting all the docs & examples pages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A lot of first evers. First ever JIRA plugin. First ever Heroku site. First ever Google Sheets API integration.

What I learned

The basics, like Googling error messages, are still important. A ton about Jira plugin development.

What's next for JiraSummary

  • Robust formatting options:
    • Multiple stock summary formats.
    • Let the user choose to include Assignees, Time Tracking, Story Points/Effort Remaining etc.
    • Multi-Google Sheet Cell summary options like [ Development Status | QA Status ] .
  • Strengthening connection to Google Sheets API:
    • Charts!
    • Metadata on linked Google Sheets cells & ranges for persistence of data.
    • Peeking into linked cells to combat possible data overwriting.
  • Auto-sync to Google Sheets using webhooks or automation (if possible).

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