As a team working in the Agile Scrum methodology we really missed the possibility to run sprints within the Monday app. We believe that Monday has a great potential to become more Scrum-friendly and offer tailored features supporting software development teams in managing their sprints. We also noticed that more and more people from product management, marketing, sales and other business teams also prefer working in sprints. That is why we decided to build the Sprint View App - an extension of Monday designed for the Scrum project management.

What it does

Sprint View App allows all Monday users to plan, organize, and execute sprints. It helps agile teams in getting a bird’s-eye view of the project and gives them more control over their work schedule. After a sprint is finished, the team can analyze how many tasks were completed in a given period of time. This allows them to adjust their future workload to the number of available story points and then prepare a better plan for the next project iterations.

Most important features:

  • adding a sprint name
  • defining a sprint goal
  • choosing the time frame for every sprint
  • adding a start and end date of the sprint
  • counting down the days remaining
  • displaying the number of items in a particular column when using the kanban view
  • showing avatars of all team members working on the project
  • estimating story points
  • analyzing a sprint summary with story points assigned to each team member
  • adding tasks from the backlog
  • previewing all the items
  • changing item priority by drag-and-dropping them within the sprint

How we built it

We’ve created a custom view containing all Sprint View App’s features as a separate workspace. We think it’s a great advantage because this way we’ll never need to interfere with Monday’s native settings. We’ve added three additional tabs under the main view: backlog, active sprint, and archive. We discovered a convenient way to map the item’s status to the right column.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge was the correct mapping of the columns between the kanban view and Sprint App. We did our best to integrate it with Monday’s native configuration and, well, we nailed it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sprint View App is fully immersed in Monday, in terms of information architecture, app behavior and design. This way end users will perceive it as an integral part of Monday.

What we learned

We’ve found a new way of identifying unique elements. Dev guys will surely know what we mean by that :)

What's next for Sprint View App for Monday

We never stop developing new ideas and we just can’t wait to implement those:

  • showing the item’s details and managing them within the Sprint View App
  • an integrated roadmap
  • a voting system for the estimation of story points
  • tagging items with query expressions to easily filter them out

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