Agile team demos can become increasingly complex and difficult to manage for teams supporting multiple solutions and business partners. Distributed business partners and team members may not be able to attend demos in ‘real time’ or fully participate in demo experiences. Those that do attend are not always fully engaged, and corralling all the demo content together can be a hassle.

Since our team builds Appian applications, why not also demo our features with an app? Using Appian, all of our demo content is now in one place for ease of use and offline consumption. Demos now have richer content that engages our business partners. We're also able to update stakeholders on our metrics and progress with dynamic Appian reporting, with the ability to easily extend this to other teams.

What can it do?

With the Sprint Demo & Agile Metrics App, you can:

  • Manage Teams that can contribute content to Demos
  • Create Sprints and Demos to associate with Teams
  • Manage who can attend Demos and view their content
  • Define rich Agile Metrics and add Metrics data for each Team
  • Add dynamic content to Demos organized by Sprint

Technical Feats

This app isn't smoke and mirrors. It's truly data-driven and deeply configurable, all while providing a no-code experience to the user. We wanted to demonstrate not only the power of Appian UIs but also how roles other than developers could be empowered to utilize it intuitively. This includes:

  • Building complex reporting object, like charts, with a responsive preview of the effect of the configuration
  • Providing example test data on the fly to enable defining reports without being coupled to the data
  • A component for placing content in the report, accounting for variable widths and competing resources
  • An event-driven architecture with Process Models supporting generic types of actions performed by interfaces

To access the application, go to our Cloud Hackathon Instance. Site admins should be able to log in and view all tabs. Basic users will need to be added to the SDM Team Managers group to access all tabs, who then can add other basic users to Teams or as Attendees.

Built With

  • appian
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