As Atlassian Experts, we have encountered again and again the pain of a missing feature in Jira system planning. The requirements and needs for this addon were collected from customers who we had implemented Jira solution for, and were missing better planning capabilities right from the backlog screen.

Sprint Capacity Planning & Tracking is the addon we built to overcome that situation.

What it does

Sprint Capacity Planning & Tracking takes the planning capabilities to a new level for better team's definition and control. As the first activity of the sprint planning, the team will set the potential work days available in the next sprint. This should take under consideration teams holidays, personal vacations, or other personal obligations that will reduce personal availability for the sprint period. In the initial scrum meeting, the team will set the capacity of various team members for this sprint. Moreover, team member may work on multiple projects (sprints) and hence may devote different amount of time for each of them. You can now set the availability time per each member. Assign each team member the days capacity off days or leaves per sprint

How I built it

java, JIRA API, AUI, AJS, jquery, atlassian spring scanner, gson, active objects, REST, javax-servlet

Challenges I ran into

Creating online capacity calculations based on virtual teams definition, right from the backlog screen, keeping Jira UI standards

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This addon was developed due to real customer needs. after developing the addon, they were happy to be used as beta sites. their reaction was very good, and they have reported it changed the way the did planning with Jira. Happy customers are always a good sign.

What I learned

Building professional addon is very similar to have a startup company. there is a lot to be invested (time & money) in the development process. As the dev team grew, we took the addon to higher a professional level, using UI designer, front end developers and testers. The experience is priceless.

What's next for Sprint Capacity Planning & Tracking

We plan to have a seamless integration with Atlassian Portfolio, multi projects analysis view, and many other features which will benefit enterprise organizations. we plan to make it a standard default addon, that every development team using Jira will install and improve its planning and tracking capability.

Built With

  • active-objects
  • ajs
  • atlassian-spring-scanner
  • aui
  • gson
  • java
  • javax-servlet
  • jira-api
  • jira-data-center
  • jquery
  • rest
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