The constant need for a team to plan and review their work capacity, see their actual utilization, and review past sprints performance

What it does

We introduced a major update- the Program View Report. The report presents both the sprint history performance indications, the current sprint KPIs and the future sprint planning potential. This addition, helps the team to review the full program, rather than sprint by sprint evaluation. You can view the full team KPIs or drill down to the team members performance bars.

How I built it

It was built as add-on to Jira, using connect, REST API, Java

Challenges I ran into

  • Decision of what metrics are interested by teams (we perform a survey with several companies to get the most meaningful KPI and performance measurement needed by teams)
  • Gather and store information not supplied by Jira API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It seems that this is a missing tool for Jira scrum teams, and assists many teams to better perform from sprint to sprint

What I learned

What's next for Sprint Capacity

Automatic task/stories assignment for future sprints based on future sprint capacity and availability Early warning prediction for missing out sprint content.

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