Two big inspirations are the California drought and all of our dad's occasional forgetfulness of watering the plant and the weather forecast. Due to the drought in California, lakes, reservoirs, and even natural habitats continue to vanish from our ecosystem. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to save water. With a promisingly innovative solution, let us help you save the Earth, one Sprinkle at a time.

About It

Introducing Sprinkle, a "smart" sprinkler system that gives you control of your sprinklers from the palm of your hand!

Through the mobile Sprinkle app, your sprinklers sitting around at home will take care of all your watering needs! With a simple swipe of your finger, this innovative solution will bend to your will and turn itself on or off! But that's not all the sprinkler can do. It can also retrieve information on weather forecasts. This allows the app to automatically know which days the plants will need watering and which days mother nature will take care of the plants. Now you don't need to worry about wasting water when you're relaxing on vacation, far away from home.

Not only can you control your sprinkler system, but it will also update you on what your sprinkler believes is the best time to water your plants. With the increasingly harrowing growth of the California drought, this app will help with the conservation of water.

Many people allow their sprinklers to run, even if the rain will water your plants the following day. Though Sprinkle may seem like your average sprinkler, in actuality, it saves plenty of water and is smart enough to tell when it's raining outside.

How It Works

Through the smartphone, the user has control over their sprinkler. Also the user can see what the current status of the sprinkler. The smartphone connects to the same server as the Intel Edison, and through the Edison the users control the sprinkler's on and off ability. The Edison also takes information from Mashape's Ultimate Weather Forecast API to determine if it will be wasteful to water the plants on not, depending on the weather (present, the past, and the future). While the Edison does have control of the watering, the user has the ultimate control from the smartphone. The user can also see how much water they've used in the data tab of the app.

Challenges We Ran Into

We experienced difficulties with our first Weather API that we attempted to work with, but luckily we chose to use another Weather API that made gathering the data we need much easier.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We accomplished our basic goals for our product such as the ability to turn on and off the sprinklers, allowing the user to control the sprinklers and to see its status, and the ability to grab weather information.

What We Learned

Our team learned how work with the Intel Edison board and writing in Node.js. We also learned the importance of time management, teamwork, and asking for help when needed.

What's Next for Sprinkle

Our vision for the future of our product is to implement even more features, such as more analytics, and to have possible improvement on the hardware.

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