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We are Team Spring Out, taking on challenge #1105 “Support for Domestic Abuse”

Why did we tackle this project?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, a new kind of crisis is emerging. Movement restrictions aimed to stop the spread of the coronavirus may be making domestic violence more frequent, severe more dangerous.

Canada’s domestic violence problem was already critical. COVID-19 is making it worse.

What challenges are we trying to solve?

When seeking support, the survivor’s safety is threatened. We provide a discrete solution for employees suffering from new (and old) domestic abuse situations across Canada as a result of being isolated/quarantined, WFH to find resources and connect discreetly

How is the team solving it technically?

The initial point of entry for primary users/survivors is the integration of the Spring Out App on Slack. By providing basic information such as number of dependents and postal code, but maintaining general privacy and security, users can quickly get help and connect with public health services in a few easy steps. The app bot is ‘silent’, and primarily mobile based, to allow maximum maneuverability. On exiting Slack, users can choose a ‘theme’ they may already be interested in, such as gardening, cooking or cleaning. They are then ported to landing pages with dynamically loaded “facade images”, to offer a discreet place for heavily cloaked domestic abuse information, accessible to the survivors who are seeking help, on harmless looking web pages, with an ever present ‘escape’ button.

How can the app move forward? Is it scalable?

With more communication apps that can connect to the web service and provide data for the various Employee Assistance Programs, we can more rapidly inform a broader pool of employees who may be at risk while ensuring their safety if they are working from home and are being closely monitored by their abuser.

Primarily targeting EAP in developed countries, but scaling out the app to be used in developing countries. This would fall under the Sustainable Development Goals / gender equality in developing countries.

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Running the repo

Check the README on our Github: https://github.com/christopherread/springout

In the project directory, you can run:

git pull
cd springout
npm install
yarn start (requires Firebase API keys in src/firebase/firebase.cfg)

Spring Out Logo

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