Our inspiration came from many different ideas, one of them being the book "The Hero's Journey". We researched many games and saw the impact gaming had in society - both positive and negative and so wanted to create a game to help tackle the issue of loneliness which we had decided to be our "How might we?" question.

What it does

Our product is a game which takes the user on a journey through dystopian future earth to fight against their enemies. It incorporates teamwork and self-development to provide a feeling of accomplishment whilst also feeling connected when fighting together against their rivals.

How I built it

We will implement A.I. into generating the best equipment for each player’s needs in their quest to fight loneliness. Here, the A.I. suggests nature-themed equipment to suit a user who is more adventurous.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a couple of challenges in our journey ranging from problems with team members to not being able to decide a concrete idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being resilient and continuing with the process, even when we were very far behind. Finalising the pitch and coming together to form a video to submit.

What I learned

We learnt to collaborate, work better as a team, communicate and tailor our solution to a real user. We also learnt about the design thinking process and the iterative approach to designing products. We also learnt the significance of always going back to our original problem and ensuring our solution answers our main question. Furthermore, we learnt digital marketing skills and how to engage an audience and finally, that everyone has an individual strength which makes us all unique and working together is essential for the success of the team.

What's next for SpringBored Labs (Team 1)

Our plans for development include: the creation of the game, expanding the levels, more market research to bring A.I. into the game and to carry out marketing to promote the product.

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