It's spring break. What do you do on spring break? One of those things may be camping. That's why we decided to make a virtual camping camp in anticipation of this beautiful season.

What it does

You pick a city, and immediately you are immersed in a land of mystery and suspense. This land is dangerous. You must defeat the wizard using the right tools in order to win.

How we built it

We used pygame for the game and openweathersky as the api to determine the weather of the location you picked.

Challenges we ran into

We thought android development in python would be feasible but we got stuck at the first step. We really learned how to reduce scope in order to make something that works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sorina -- I really like how the wizard looks.
Alice -- Learning python and how to build a game.
Janice -- Learning python and how to build a game.
Le -- Working with others really helped to cement knowledge of UML design patterns in my brain.

What we learned

Tech: pygame, uml, api stuff
Human: communication, taking our imagination and making it real

What's next for Spring Break // every emergency

Taking it out in the wild and letting a bear play it.

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