We were inspired by Airbnb for the housing section of the site. For the job section of the site, we were inspired by sites like Indeed.

What it does

Spring Board is a crowdsourced platform for providing low-cost and no-cost public housing, workforce training, and jobs. It is designed to fight homelessness and provide a helping hand to those affected by unemployment. In communities affected by disasters, we offers a way for residents to get temparary housing and get back on their feet. This application provides powerful visualization features for locating jobs and houses.

How we built it

We designed the frontend with Zurb Foundation and the Google Maps API for visualizations. The backend was created with mysql, express js, and node js.

Challenges we ran into

Getting data into the formats we wanted presented a very tedious challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are using a real database populated with data from

What we learned

We learned how to use the Google Maps JavaScript API.

What's next for Spring Board

Add training information. The housing, training, and job information will be used together to provide users with more specialized content.

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