Most of apps serving content are build with some sort of list as their main interface. That is boring. Also, they tend to serve lots of stuff that is not tailored to the users interests which can be annoying at times.

What it does

I serves news and entertainment (pictures, links, videos) that are tailored to the users likings. This works especially well because of the innovative and playful interface.

How we built it

We built both a backend and a client app. The backend is build with node.js while the app is a 100% native iOS application written entirely in Swift 2.0 with Xcode 7.2.1. The iOS app uses carthage as a dependency manager.

Challenges we ran into

Animations are hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Great UX that puts the content in front and does not come in the way of the user interacting with the content. Content is king in our application.

What we learned

Getting together and building stuff is great fun. Sleep is hugely important.

What's next for sprich.

We need to bring more features to sprich. and also start monetizing. There are already a bunch of ideas how the app can be expanded, like calendar entries and reminders. Also, we`d like to bring sprich. to Android as well (of course as a fully native experience).

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