The motivation and inspiration for the project "SpreadRo" have been derived from the idea of helping as well as touching the life of every individual in such a way that we will ensure the goal of sustainability. In order to promote and spread green we have designed the integrated module that provide multiple-functions and will be useable throughout the year.

What it does

"SpreadRo" is basically a rover that can seed your grass autonomously during the summer and can spread ice melt on your driveway during winter. A bi-season machine which will use the same technology as the autonomous mower but our module provide a robust integration that haven't been done yet by anyone else.

How we built it

Up-to now at this stage we have designed the things using the presentation platforms and have used our creativity to dry run the idea, as well as we have gone through a lot of market research for a better understanding of the present and past situations.

Challenges we ran into

The journey of designing a proposal for our idea have been proven quite really well and knowledgeable for us up-to now, through this time we have ran through the following challenges:

  1. The very first challenge for us is to decide an achieve-able model that we can built over the assigned period of time.
  2. The second challenge is to sink with the time zones as we have really different time zones, managing between IST and EST proven to be very challenging but we worked that out.
  3. The third challenge was to get a good research over the present technologies and workings in the filed we are designing our machine.

Components and Costs for Production

These components were found on Amazon; the reason being that this platform offers the faster delivery option:

1.Arduino Microcontroller, Motor Drivers 2.Lidar Sensor 3.Tank Chassis, Motors 4.Gears 5.Grass seeds 6.Ice melt 7.Tools : screws drivers, devices, programme for the implementation(C-Language), Machine learning module etc.

What's next for SpreadRo

We are highly determined for the future updates and modification in the module that will set a bench mark for all other competitors. The future works and plans are listed below :

  1. Implementing an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) module to ensure the automated care of soil health in one's lawn.
  2. Integrating even more functions such as watering into the rover design.
  3. Using solar energy as a mode of power source for the rover.
  4. Developing an IOT based application for the rover and its additional functions.
  5. Expanding in the area of farming applications of the rover.

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