Happiness is made up of pleasure that comes from engagement, and gives meaning to our actions .It involves both daily positive emotions and a wider sense that life is worth living If we live not just for ourselves but for others too. Happiness lies within one self, one has to find one’s own source of happiness. Neither any external materialistic stuffs nor any other person can give you happiness unless you are self-satisfied. Here in our app, we have found a unique way of contributing smiles to thousands of people across the globe. In this world of modernization with so many developed countries where people are living lavishly and afford education to sustain better livelihood .However, there are so many people who are still deprived of such basic needs like food, education and healthcare . Here through our app we are contributing the little we can do in our way and this app provides an opportunity to you to join hands with us in beckoning right direction to these people. We have developed a Quiz app, where you can test and revigorate your grey cells and on the other hand, it will be helping you to donate notebooks, pencils, erasers, tiffin box etc to these people who need them. Nothing can give you more bliss other than seeing a six year poor child holding a notebook and pencil in his hands. As we know happiness is contagious, this small gesture can bring smile and brighten the future of lots of kids.. Its private beta version of our app so login credentials have been provided.

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