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What it does

This simulation exists for one purpose, and one purpose only. It generates and spits out data all day and all night. Basically, we have an enclosed population with one patient zero. We track the movement and progression of variants of viruses under various of circumstances. We can what attributes and combination of circumstances can lead too. We then have the simulation log these findings and spit them into a database. That way we have data about the next epidemic and we can use it to better predict what this virus can do. There is also engaging visuals that can tell us a lot about the trajectories of viruses. It is the blob in the middle of the screen. It is always located at the average location of every infected person. It glows brighter when there are more infected people. It also grows in radius when the infected people are spread out.

How I built it

In 8 hours, under a lot of stress, with 3 monster energy drinks and Java whilst listening to sea shanties. It is object oriented so we started with each individual person and gave them random attributes like age and social activeness. We use these attributes to compute how the virus will affect them. For older folks we increased their risk of death.

Challenges I ran into

We tried for at least 6 hours straight on trying to create a text file using Java script in order to communicate with eh azure server we set up. After 6 more hours, we went nuclear and made up a new project. This simulation project went by smoothly. Razat knew Java and simulations well and Matthew was able to hook the data the simulation spat out to the database we made earlier.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Staying awake for 36 hours straight.

What I learned

Java is better that JavaScript Don't try new things during the competition Never be afraid to throw it all away

What's next for Spreading Corona Simulation

Expand and fine tune the parameters. So far, the reinfection system could use tweaking because reinfection work differently for people. For many it means that they will already have the Immunol response to deal with it while others cannot handle it again.

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