Using Namecheap & Sendgrid

A simple email marketing tool to help bloggers & web admins utilize their subscribers list and let content creators reach more users. We let creators upload products and the campaigners advertise that product to the subscribers list.

The publishers can create simple email campaigns telling the recipient about their product . Also we generate the dynamic link for their product, they just need to add "%link%", anywhere in the email and it will create the product page for that link.

The Campaigners can import subscribers to lists in the system, and send any campaign they select to their subscribers.

The marketplace connects the publishers with the campaigners. The campaigners can have a look at the email campaigns created by publishers and select any to share with their subscribers. It gets automatically scheduled with the specified date.

Everything is managed by the system including the payment process, generating dynamic links for the product, creating sales page and dividing the money among the publisher and the campaigner.

The system also manages all email scheduling and sending. With sendgrid API, we can quickly scale our email sending limits, handle bounces and get important email statistics.

Cool Stuff: 1) Email Scheduler: We create our own email scheduling system, that would schedule the whole campaign for the days to come and start sending emails to subscriber lists using sendgrid API.

2) Dynamic Product Page and links: To remove hassle of handling payment and creating product pages, we dynamically create product pages for all our products.

3) Payment handling: We developed our own system to automatically check when a payment occurs and divide the money equally among the publisher and the campaigner.

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