People struggle with giving back to their communities and banks struggle to be a force for good, rather than just a force for profit.

What it does

Created a mobile app to allow users to possibly decrease their environmental footprint and increase the health of the world by donating to organizations of their choice, at a smaller and less intimidating amount, by rounding their transactions to the nearest dollar and investing the extra change. The user can view their total amount donated and total amount spent as well as a list of their most recent transactions and which organizations they went to. They can also create a new direct transaction and specify which organization they would like it to go to.

How we built it

We used flask and python for the backend server. We then rendered the data stored onto a web page with Angular, Bootstrap and JQuery. For the mobile app, we used Flutter which is written in Dart.

Challenges we ran into

Flutter was completely new to us so we had to ask for help and debug for hours. Since our display page uses asynchronous http requests, we had to use SocketIO which was also new to us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to connect our server with our mobile app. We were also able to create a Flask Server from scratch and write GET and POST functions based on our desire which allowed us to simulate an API.

What we learned

We learned about technologies like Flutter and SocketIO and how synchronous and a synchronous web requests work. We also learned how views are rendered and models are stored in the dart language that Flutter uses

What's next for Spread Love

We want to add a data analytics page for the user to track their donations through visuals like graphs, a connection between the app and specific banks, and a browsable page to allow users to find the right organizations for them to invest in.

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