Sky Mega City is overrun by aliens! Everywhere they left their strange energy traps to guard the survivors hiding in their houses. You are the Sprawl Leaper and remotely control one of the last hover bikes to make so much needed deliveries. You have to follow your navigation system green arrow from launchpad to launchpad.


Bladerunner, Snow Crash

How it works

  • Press R to recenter Rift

  • You only need your right hand to control the movement of your hoverbike in all directions

  • Make a roll movement with your hand to turn left and right.

  • Make a pitch movement with your hand to turn up or down

  • Make a fist to recenter your controls

  • Point a finger to shoot energy balls

What I learned

Unity, Leap Motion SDK

What's next for Sprawl Leaper (game for Oculus DK2 and Leap Motion)

Perhaps adding multiplayer in the future

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