Helping people to stay healthy while also incentivizing them to shop at Target.

What it does

Gathers product barcode and location information and provides that to customers with the app. The customers can then go on a sudo-scavenger hunt throughout Target stores to locate the items on their list. This encourages more exercises while shopping, and the customers can be rewarded with points that lead to discounts.

How I built it

Using the CamFind API for image recognition we have allowed users to scan barcodes. We also used the Target Product API to lookup barcode information. Built with iOS and a backend of Node.

Challenges I ran into

Managing an image recognition API, resizing images dynamically, uploading images through API's, encoding images for transfer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Leveraging the Cam Find image recognition API and hooking that into the Target Product API.

What I learned

That dealing with image processing is a tough job.

What's next for SpotWalk

A great presentation!! Hopefully more development, and maybe some integration with CartWheel?

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