Inspiration: I always get frustrated finding ideal study spots in my college library

What it does: Shows availability of spots in real time for customers. For staff, you can tap a button(chair or table) and it changes to either red or green depending on whether the spot is busy or available. Staff can also drag and drop and customize layout easily.

How we built it: We built it in SpriteKit and UiKit using Swift in Xcode

Challenges we ran into: Everything from understanding swift concepts to making a final MVP was a huge challenge for me as I had no computer science background. Implementing UiKit and SpriteKit together was also challenging.

Moreover, I started off by hard coding 37 buttons in UiKit. However, during the third week I wanted to make the layout more dynamic and so I switched to SpriteKit and implemented it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Completing a demo-able version in two weeks.

What we learned: Swift

What's next for SpotView: I will do testing at the Starbucks cafe in the University of South Florida and then implement it in the campus library as well.

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