Going to the bathroom in the public is already not the most pleasant experience for everyone, but having to overcome inclusivity barriers such as looking for a unisex bathroom or one with wheelchair access makes the experience even more difficult. We wanted to create an application that makes going to the bathroom a safer experience for everyone.

What it does

Finds the nearest washrooms to a user based on their location. Washrooms can be filtered for different types such as Gender Neutral, Wheelchair Access, & has Diaper Changing Stations. Also rate washrooms and view different categories that ratings are based on (TP quality, cleanliness, etc.).

Challenges we ran into

Aggregating data from 2 datasets to support various queries (based on user needs), Deploying our app onto Microsoft Azure, Connecting the various parts of our application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had lots of fun as a team! Being able to put together an app with a mission we believe in :)

What we learned

Smarter ways to deploy and also learned how to work with Azure!!! :D

What's next for sPOTTYfy

In depth stats and analytics for our washroom datasets! More filters, more queries!!

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