Recently I have injured myself in the gym working out, and I decided to do something so it will not happen again. The second source of inspiration for the whole team, was the talk given by the presented at the begging of the hackathon, talking about the future of technology. After discussing it a bit, we decided health and exercise was one of the fields which we wanted to pursue a project in.

What it does

Using a Microsoft Band, we are collecting the motion of a persons hand. The data is being passed to an Android phone though bluetooth. From there it is being saved and processed on Azure. Using machine learning on Azure, we are able to determine what exercise the person is performing and how well they are performing the exercise in order not to injure themselves.

Challenges I ran into

There were a few problems with the cloud service, where we had issues with accessing our databases. After a couple hours, and a lot of caffeine, we managed to get around it, and get back to building.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely impressed with how well the prediction is able to identify the different workouts( 99% accuracy). I am proud of how well our team worked together, and how we managed to put our knowledge and experience in different fields.

What I learned

The most our team learned is how to use the Azure workframe, it has proven to be extremely powerful. We have also learned a lot about ways to better use artificial intelligence to solve the problems we encounter in our projects.

What's next for Spotter

The team is planning to support it, and make a more elaborate GUI and ways to interact with the application, and get even better feedback

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