This is an anonymous hyperlocation based social media app. We essentially saw that YikYak is very popular, especially amongst college students, and also saw that hyperlocation based text content is intimate and very relevant.

Our goal was to use this idea and build an application that lets users take it a level deeper and be able to share and consume thousands of words through pictures. We see this being used on a social level to share moments, access information, and connect deeper with the geographical foot print that is relevant to you real time.

Another main focus for us was creating this platform for use in emergency situations and also in situations when communities need to come together. This would have been very useful to us when we were sitting in an apartment lobby less than a mile away from where the two bombs had gone off at the Boston Marathon finish line. We would have been more aware and informed about our immediate surroundings which at that time was in high alert. We can also see this being used for bringing together communities like the protests and situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

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