We've been tired of inaccessible and poorly designed seat selection tools. We wanted to create a better user experience for selecting the best possible seats catered to your needs.

We designed SpotStats to serve as an alternative to traditional seat picking options. It takes into account your favorite players and gives you options tailored to those players' positions. Know someone on third base? With our tool you can easily select the seats by that person by their name or position, as well as factoring whether or not you mind sun hitting you midday.

We built this web app using javascript, html, and a bit of css, as well as designed the UI using XD.

Some issues that arose was trying to transfer our UX design to React native, the compatibility not being as nice as we'd have liked. As well, none of us knew javascript so we decided to jump head first and learn it all today.

We're proud of the hard work each of us has put in trying to get a fully functioning product working with little experience with underlying technologies, and the amount we've learned in trying to do so. We've also learned valuable skills in marketing products in trying to make our product the best for the end user to experience.

Soon we hope to fully implement these technologies into a full functioning React Native experience, as well as implementing API's for more live statistic information.

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