Overview: Spots was inspired by a college who wanted to help fellow classmates get the most out of their time here at USC. USC is known for their balance of rigorous academics, global networking, vast resources and (of course) raging parties. Our target user is any USC student who is looking to maximize his study, partying, extra curricular events and dining. The website includes an interactive map that allows users to filter what events they see on the map. The categories include: Study, Parties, Clubs, Food, Arts, and Sports. Users do NOT add their own event for the sake of limiting spam, so the admins will add all the events to the website directly.

Background: As beginner coders, our team settled for building a website as opposed to our original idea of building a mobile app (but we still hope to convert the website into a mobile app later on). We learned HTML, CSS, JQuery and Javascript and built our code during the span of the competition.

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